Dan Kelly

PPP Match


1 total hr on the court for 30 min Assessment (no video or written follow up), then I string 2 racquets from the results for a 30 min Sparring Session to match the player to the string. Need 2 racquets for this.  And restring 1 racquet to choice.       $100.00

Pain Management

If you're suffering recurring-repetitive pain issues on the court, please be advised that I'm not a doctor, but have certain extensive experience from my own issues and that of my clients over the past 31 years, so I can be of help!

$50.00 for 30 minutes not incl phone

Sparring & XT

60 minutes of Sparring & Tennis Cross Training

$50.00 per session

Sparring Sessions-

For More Advanced (3.5+) players this is a "play action" private lesson with a basket. LOTS of hitting, not much yappin!  :)

$40 1 hrs OR 6 for $200.00 Or 12-$300.00 for hour long sessions


For beginning or intermediate players needing Stroke/Form/Technique optimization..with a basket of balls.

$40hr ($50 1 1/2 hr) or 6 for $200.00 OR 12-$300.00 hr long

Buddy Drill

You and your doubles partner for 1 hr drills designed to pique your doubles teams effectiveness.  

$50.00 ea or 6-$300.00

All Levels

   Need A Lefty To Hit With?

Rythmic Groundstroke Session

With high energy performance enhancement tunes..specifically choreographed by me!  :)

$50.00 for 60 minutes f-Advanced Players


This is a 60 minute, comprehensive analysis of your game on all areas of the court and all of the strokes.

I shoot a video of your assessment, choreograph it with performance enhancement 'tunes' and do a written follow-up with you!

It's 2.5 hours of work in all!

A 6 Pack includes  Assessment w No Video