Dan Kelly

European Red Clay or Grunge with performance enhancement once again provided by grunge masters Nirvana!


Above: Two great stroke tacticians, Philippoussis and Gimelstob, trade beautiful one handers both top and slice.

Above: Alex Dolgopolov (SloMo Serves) practices with World #1 Junior Andrey Rublev, who has a wild card into the main draw of Delray

Having spent so much time at Legg-Mason (now CitiOpen), we're lovin the Delray Beach Classic because of how cozy atmosphere it is to the players!

I held an almost non-stop conversation with Brad Gilbert (at Legg-Mason 7 years w-Roddic/Agassi) while he was playing Pernfors!

We'll keep going back to Delray every year til we're dead!

Tour Strokes

Lesson Videos

Street Tennis-

Who needs a net, who needs a uniform and tennies? All ya need is a couple of rakkies, a ball, a gallery of 1 and a videographer to capture the moment and the all important 'work out'!

Thanks to BTO for the Footwork Enhancement Tunes!

Once around the year 2000 after seeing Marcello Rios dropped off at Legg-Mason..and immediately went down in the parking lot and began doing one handed pushups, I blazed the trail of the "PushUps in the Parking Lot" style of training for us really important and busy people!  :)~

Below some examples:

These have really helped those in Drills, Kids Camps and High Schools TryOut Camps!

"PushUps in the Parking Lot"