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We're out of stock now on this item! Hopefully we'll continue to carry it. It's a great product!

Power Key is the ultimate tennis accessory!

It is a string straightener that increases the durability of your stringing, saves fingers from adjusting them til they (your fingers) are raw, and increases your consistency on shots where you don't even know you've miss hit the ball.

A freshly strung racquet holds its seating only a short period of time before the main strings (top to bottom) begin to drift. As a player hits more and more, the mains drift more and more. This drifting causes the Cross strings to 'saw' into the Mains, and that is what causes strings to pop; almost always the Mains. PowerKey allows you to keep the Mains 'seated' simply, all the time.

Furthermore, to re-seat the mains with your fingers, causes your fingers to become raw..I don't know if you've noticed.  :)  Power Key eliminates this problem.

When in a long point or after a big serve, one or two Mains might become un-seated and quite often on a shot later in the same point, the strings will re-seat themselves, when actually after a fresh stringing, they're supposed to hold tight. This causes errant shots. So it's wise to restring before they pop and to keep the Mains seated with Power Key to prevent deep seats/pits, which increase the amount of damage the Crosses cause 'sawing' into the Mains.

  • Blue, Red or Yellow-Green; Power Key is acrylic and very durable. Badminton, Squash & Racquetball Racquets too!


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