When Andre Agassi came back from oblivion and climbed up the rankings to #1 for a year, this is the racket (well..not the exact..they sell for $750-$1000ea) that he used! This racquet is very comfortable if your having some pain due to your current stick (I cannot guarantee that your pain will disappear using this racquet, BUT can offer the value of my vast experience with respect to Stroke Form.

This racquet is a rarity in the market (because of demand) and is ready to customize to your game.   It's used.

-$100.00 Strung with 17ga Technifiber Poly; Newly Gripped; New Grommet Strip/BumperGuard; Strung at whatever tension you want.
-$115.00 Strung with Rip Control MultiFilament 18ga (same string Agassi hit with and was engineered precisely for this racket model); any tension you want; Newly Gripped; New Grommet Strip/BumperGuard
-$125.00 Strung with an assortment of hybrid or structured strings of your choice off the link below; Any tension you want; Newly Gripped; New Grommet Strip/BumperGuard

String Choices Here

This racquet, not my choice of sticks (although I did hit a 118 serve with one), has been extremely popular! This particular racquet has a cosmetic aberration, NOT a fracture (pic #3). This I judged only after having hit with it (solid) and placing under a UV light with a proper probe to discover no fractures. This is why so cheap!=   $27.00

That said, it is 4 1/2" grip and comes with:
-Beautiful and matching hybrid stringing (i don't know what tension).
-New Tournagrip-ProWrap

Also/but on invoice at extra cost:
-Strung with Technifiber SGut 17g at whatever tension you desire.=$10.00
-Strung with Ridiculous Hybrid (Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 17g Mains for Ridiculous Spin & Technifiber 17g in the Crosses) at whatever tension you want.=$15.00
-Build grip UP to 5/8's OR DOWN to 3/8"s
-Replace ProWrap with Tacky (colors)=$5.00
      -Racquet Carrying Case=$10.00

Prince AirDrive B900 Triple Threat

4 1/2"Grip

Perhaps the 1st Super Light (almost super naturally light!!) seemingly head heavy BUT ergonomically correct, center of gravity (see pic #4) racquets much used back in the late 90's and early 2000's.

This longbody really whollops the ball while flying thru the air with the greatest of ease!

Comes with:

  • Web ProWrap (know what that is?)
  • Prince Classic 16g (don't know the tension)
  • GREAT grommet-bumper (extremely important)

Extras On Invoice:

  • Either TournaGrip Pro Wrap OR Tacky White overgrip (colors)=$5.00
  • Build Grip Down a size to 3/8s=$10.00
  • Re-String w-Prince Classic Synthetic 17g with DuraFlex (whatever tension u like)=$15.00

Racquet Carrying Case-Babolat=$10.00

Not my particular choice of stick, but a ton of these were sold and maybe you remember it fondly or need a backup! I don't know what tension it's strung or what it's strung with.


Head Agassi 25

PPP Match


1.5 total hr on the court for 45min Assessment, then I string 2 racquets from the results for a 45 min Sparring Session to match the player to the string. Need 2 racquets for this.  And restring 1 racquet to choice.       $100.00

Head Satellite Tour-Twin Tube XL

4 3/8" Grip

Indeed, this Head Heat MP is an extremely comfortable head light racquet, but with power driven by a sweet spot like a quaser! If you're suffering arm pain with your current stick, chances are good that this one will be a relief (of course..I cannot guarantee this..only my extensive experience suggests this to be true).

Looks like a nice Multifilament string at who knows what tension and a new overgrip. Grommet/Bumperguard looks good. Hit with it yesterday and it plays well!


Extra on Invoice:

  • Build UP to 5/8's or down to 3/8's grip size= Extra $5.00
  • ProWrap Over Grip (TournaGrip)= Extra $5.00
  • Strung with: Technifiber 17g SGut competition string at whatever you like tension-wise=$12.50  OR Head Synthetic PPS/Multifilament at whatever tension u like= $15.00  OR The Ridiculous Hybrid (Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable) 17g in the Mains f/Ridiculous Spin and Technifiber 17g SGut in the Crosses and once again..at whatever tension you like=$15 extra
  • Carrying Case $10.00 extra

Head Heat MP Anti Inflammatory Tennis Racquet  4 1/2" Grip


                                           Dan Kelly

Head Liquidmetal Universe

(Brand New)

4 gripsize

Perfectly good racquet with new over grip for a child 5-8yo delivered to your door locally for $15.00!!??!!

Wilson Prestige Comp

4 3/8"Grip

Designed really for a 2-3 year old just to handle and swing (while you punish groundies), this racquet is perfect and delivered to your door for $15.00 in time for under the tree!!!

Prince Maria 25

Wilson Roger Federer 19 Junior


The sensation of hitting with the Protector can best be described as damp. Head dampens the feel by building on its piezoelectric-based Intelligence technology, used in Liquidmetal racquets, which can convert vibration into electrical energy and vice versa.
-When the Protector hits the ball, the piezoelectric fibers in the throat produce an electrical output that’s transmitted to a microchip embedded in the handle. The chip instantly analyzes the electrical impulse and sends back a countervailing vibration to cancel out the shock.
-Players with arm problems will love the Protector!
-The mid-plus delivers an outstanding blend of power and control for players with medium to somewhat longer and slower swings. This is a hot one in my line of ergonomically correct racquets!

-Strung with Technifiber SGut 17g (Black) at whatever you'd like (but I'd recommend low);
-TournaGrip Perforated Grip (tacky)
Extra on Invoice:
-MultiFilament or Hybrid Stringing at whatever tension you'd like: $15.00
-Head Padded Racquet Case: $10.00
-Change From Tacky to ProWrap: $5.00
-Build grip to 1/2, 5/8's: $5.00

  • $70.00

Extreemly rare in the marketplace, this Head Satellite Tour (Twin Tube) XL reminds me of a Head Graphene Speed Pro with its hitting qualities! If you like a long body and ergonomics, this racquet is one of my personal favorites (that I used for 5 years in the mid-late 90's) in the non inflammatory category: Stroke technique/string tension aside, the racquet is comfortable to use. Pic 4 next to Satellite Tour 660 Frame.

Comes with:

  • New ProWrap Overgrip (Tournagrip)
  • Good grommet/bumper (very important in an older racquet)
  • Racquet Strung (looks like multifilament-i don't know the tension)

Also Available Extra-On Invoice:

  • Head Racquet Cover=$10.00
  • Multifilament- ReStrung @ whatever tension you'd like=$15.00
  • Replace with Tacky Overgrip (Colors)=$5.00
  • Head Satellite Tour 660 Frame Only=$50. + Shipping

Wilson Hyper Hammer Carbon 5.2

4 1/2" Grip

Head Protector 102 MP 4 3/8"Grip


This is a used Junior racquet that will work great for 4-6 yo's; with new white tacky overgrip.

This is a NEW Head Liquidmetal Universe tennis racquet with a 4 gripsize which I can build to 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8s (add $5.00 on invoice). A division I player is selling on ebay now USED for $50!

Comes factory strung and as pic #35 shows retailed for $119.00.

  • Can string with an assortment of great string combos at any tension you'd like ($15. extra on invoice)
  • Racquet Cover ($10 extra on invoice)


Junior Racquets

Head Ti Radical Oversize 107

4 1/4 or 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 or 4 5/8 Grip Size