After a completely unspectacular scholastic and professional tennis career, I began teaching tennis lessons in 1987.

After training as Staff Pro with Guest Services at Hains Point, 16th & Kennedy and Pierce Mill facilities and operating as Home Court Pro, I started TennisLink in 1991, with as far as I could determine..the first 'online' website geared towards tennis services. was created to be a management entity for local small to medium community tennis clubs. I had an aol account in AOL version 1, in which you could have 5 web pages!

From very soon after, we had 6 hard courts nearly next to each other in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and worked there..and other lesser facilities for the next 15 years. We were indoor on clay in Winter with a full tennis schedule on the nicest facility in the DC area during that entire time.

For the time that Andre Agassi was the anchor at Legg-Mason Classic (today CitiOpen), we were sponsor with a large box and some couple hundred reserved seats for our membership, by that time 650 active members strong.

During this time frame, also..we produced in excess of 200 tournaments, with large Singles/Doubles tournaments twice per year (approx 100 players). 

We had a banquet every year and held Boot Camps, HS Tryout Camps and I personally maintained a daily schedule of between 7 to 10 hours a day on the court with other lessons, drill sessions, daily doubles and sparring sessions.. 7 days a week from May thru September! For any skeptics, I can prove this with my online schedule archive for 9 years running and active!  :)

In 2006 we sold to Hiko Fritz-Krokow, one of the top female USTA players in the country, and opened High Desert Tennis overlooking  Abiquiu New Mexico, where we had a small but very active membership. Hiko still operates TennisLink today, if you're in the DC area and want to get involved.

I moved down here to SWFLA for the weather, and vacation out on Ole NM often.

I'm thrilled to bring my unique and exciting teaching style to Ft-Myers, Cape Coral, Ft-Myers Beach, Estero and Naples!

Try an Assessment, a Lesson or a Sparring Session..I'll be hooked!          Danny

Within the pictures on the right and below..some you'll recognize the players, both tour players, publishing magnates, business leaders, top medical practitioners  and Washington Political and Intelligence insiders alike!

These pictures encompass nearly 20 years of TennisLink related activities & events, before digital cams, etc existed!   :)


                                           Dan Kelly